One Stop Pack - Strawberry

МИСТЕРИОЗНА ОТСТЪПКА - ДО 30% ОТСТЪПКА НА ВСИЧКО . Какъв е вашия късмет ? Разберете сега! Използвайте кода : МИСТЕРИЯ


Чувствате ли се късметлии този понеделник ? Вземете до 30% ОТСТЪПКА НА ВСИЧКО В НАШИЯ САЙТ!

Използвайте кода: МИСТЕРИЯ

Максимална отстъпка за една поръчка - 200 лева.

Офертата е валидна само до края на деня!


Не е налично


Общ преглед на продукта

The Myprotein One Stop Pack provides three essential products to support your lean muscle goals with ultimate convenience. Containing our forward-thinking all-in-one supplement Hurricane XS, our delicious Protein Cookies and a Mixmaster shaker for lump-free blending, the pack provides an extensive list of nutrients to support lean muscle growth and recovery.


Hurricane XS Strawberry Cream (2.5kg Strawberry Cream)

Comprehensive all-in-one supplement containing Protein, Oats, Creapure® Creatine Monohydrate and HMB to support strength and lean mass gains. Hurricane XS contains all the vital nutrients you need in one product, making premium quality sports nutrition even more convenient.

12 x Protein Cookies (Choc Mint)

These great tasting soft cookies provide a fantastic alternative to protein bars and shakes, containing over 37g of protein per 75g cookie. Ideal for those who need their nutrition on the go or simply as a tasty snack around your training, the Protein Cookie takes sports nutrition to the next level.

Myprotein Mixmaster Shaker

Myprotein Mixmaster shakers come with a mesh grill to help make your shakes lump-free. A great hassle free option to help you create the smoothest shakes possible in seconds.


  • Подпомага растежа на чиста мускулна маса
  • Увеличава силата, подобрява възстановяването
  • Включва още 12 уникални високопротеинови бисквитки

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One Stop Pack - Strawberry

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One Stop Pack - Strawberry