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Introducing the Protein Mix Pancake Pack - all the products you need to make and enjoy the ultimate protein pancake stack, whether you’re preparing for the National pancake day or just looking to enjoy a high protein deliciously sweet snack. This Pack contains the following products:

Peanut Butter, Crunchy 1kg

Are you a #proteinnutter? Our Peanut Butter is a must have from the Myprotein snack range! Our tasty Peanut Butter is a great tasting and natural source of mono unsaturated fats, protein, and carbohydrates, made from 100% peanuts with nothing else added or taken away!

Pancake Mix, Unflavoured 500g

Our easy to make Protein Pancake mix is the ideal delicious high protein snack which you can serve in less than 5 minutes - the perfect healthy DIY! This product is perfect for anyone looking to increase their protein intake throughout the day.

MySyrup, 400g (flavours vary)

MYSYRUPs are the ultimate guilt free addition to your protein pancake stack - with zero sugar and fat, our flavoured syrups come in 5 delicious flavours and are perfect for drizzling on many foods such as porridge, pancakes or yoghurt.


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Pancake Bundle

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Pancake Bundle